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Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET)
Business Registration No. 53086721D


[Our Contact] 
[Business Reg.] 53086721D
[Email] info[at]simpleartsplanet[dot]com


[Price Inquiry] 
For special requests not listed on our shop(s), please send in your inquiry through our official 'contact us' page.

[Payment Mode]
ONLY PayPal payment is accepted for all transactions.
(Buyers do not need to have PayPal account in order to make payment, you may select to pay using your credit/debit card; for more information on PayPal, please visit

Additional notes (extracted from PayPal) for buyers:
+ Pay for purchases in your selected currency
+ Payment is automatically converted to your desired currency
+ No need to hold a balance in another currency to send a payment


[Currency & Prices]
Prices in our shop are priced in Singapore Dollars; you may select the currency to reflect the currency you wish to view, however, the currency converter is only providing an estimation of converted value to the currency you choose to view. Payment made to Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET) is in SGD/S$. If the local currency is not listed in our converter, you may visit to do a conversion to your local currency.

Products prices are subject to change without prior notice.

[Payment Terms]
+ Payment is appreciated immediately upon confirmation of order; delivery will be arranged within 3 business days# upon payment.


#Turnaround and Shipping terms apply.

[Full Payment or Exception]
+ Payment is to be made in full order value, unless special arrangement is made between Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET) and the buyer.

[Payment Problems]
A notification email will be sent to buyers if payment is not received within specified time period stated; response from buyers not received within 24 hrs will cancel the order.


[Product Specifications and Description]
We attempt to maintain as accurate as possible on the product specifications and description. However, Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET) shall be discharged of any indemnity of possible errors.

[Ready-Made Products - Section Closed Due to Relocation]
+ Ready-Made products are available in limited stock quantities; usually only one piece per design. As such, in the rare case that the item you have ordered is simultaneously sold on other venues that we are also retailing on, an email will be initiated to communicate replacement or full refund options.
+ If you have purchased more than our inventory stock, you will need to adjust the quantity in your shopping cart before you could check out.


[Custom Order / Made-to-Order - Section Closed Due to Relocation]
+ We are not accepting custom orders, but if an exception is made, 50% deposit or full payment is to be made.
** Regret that once order is confirmed, cancelation is not allowed; some modifications such as color changes are allowed if your order is not yet made - refer to the order schedule for the allocated dates to make your order.


[Promotion and Sale]
Promotions are launched separately and individually from store to store.

[Rights Reserved]
Simple Arts Planet reserves all rights to decline a sale transaction. We value all our customers, we do not refuse a sale transaction unless necessary.

Simple Arts Planet is permitted by default to use the images of finished products, including customized orders, to be featured in Simple Arts Planet's blog/website for review/marketing purposes. Simple Arts Planet promises never to share the images to 3rd parties without permission from respective copyright owners.

The graphic and textual contents of Simple Arts Planet website(s)/blog(s)/social networking site(s) are the properties of Simple Arts Planet. Link back to our website is welcomed, but reproduction, modification, distribution, republication, display of the content is strictly prohibited, unless permission is sought and approved by Simple Arts Planet.


[Project Kits - Currently Unavailable]
+ All project kits are packed according to the pattern (refer to pattern image) and NOT the image(s) used in listing; additional images are used to illustrate variations only. If the yarn colors that are used in the pattern are sold out/discontinued, we will pack similar colors in place of the original yarns at our discretion.

[Patterns Copyright/Restriction]
+ Each pattern is sold with a single license issued to the specific individual Licensee/user# only;
+ All electronic copies of our licensed patterns are encrypted with password protection;
+ Strict prohibition: Licensee/user may not redistribute, resell, and/or translate pattern into another language for reselling; including publishing on the internet. Regret that action will be taken against those who infringe this clause.
+ No Derivative Works — Licensee/user may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
+ Free pattern(s) offered by Simple Arts Planet is/are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non commerciall -No Derivative Works 3.0 Singapore License.
+ Copyrighted patterns/contents are privy to the privileged licensee/user only; sharing, redistributing, republishing the copyrighted material on the internet is considered an act of piracy and will face the same consequence as copyright infringement.
# The single licence is owned by one person - owner of the business, even if the account is registered under the name of a business, corporation, organization or company.


[eBook, eTutorial, ePattern]
+ What is pattern - "Pattern" is a common term used by crafters. It refers to the instruction guide to teach you how to make the specific design of the product.
+ Contents - Our patterns are created with generous spread of photo illustrations, therefore, the file is usually large, be sure that your email client allows large email attachment to be received. Most of our patterns are designed to be easy to follow that includes step-by-step pictorial guide to illustrated complex stitches.
+ Format - Our patterns may be marketed as eBook, eTutorial, or ePattern; they mean the same thing. The patterns are only available in electronic version in PDF format.
+ File viewer - May require at least Acrobat reader 5 and higher to view the file. You may wish to download the latest version of free acrobat reader.
*Mac users - For OS older than Tiger, the preview application may be incapable of handling encrypted PDF files, please download the latest version of acrobat reader.
+ After transaction service - Buyers are welcome to contact us through email pertaining to any questions you may have with the patterns purchased in our store. We aim to respond within 1-2 working days. When sending emails to us, please include photos of your work as visual images provide effective problem solving replies. From experiences, buyers tend to make different mistakes due to absence of images, or misrepresentation of the difficulties met.
+ Assistance - We offer free basics and tips files for buyers to download; we regret that we do not coach/assist in basics stitches.
+ Possible error - Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the pattern, however typo error may sometimes still occur. Be assured that any correction required to be made to the pattern will be made known to you via email once the error is detected.
+ Storage and backup - Please download, store and backup the electronic copy of your licensed pattern appropriately, i.e. in a separate hard disk, flash drive etc. Download link reactivation* is available for purchase - eligibility applies.
+ *Download Link Reactivation -The download link will be provided to you within 48hrs of your order; the link will be active for another 5 days from time of notice; after which the link will expire. Once the link expires, we will only reactivate the link with the purchase of Download Link Reactivation listing, providing your order number, venue of order (saplanet or Etsy etc), date of order, and email used on purchasing this order. Orders purchased more than 6 calendar months NO LONGER qualifies for link reactivation, a new pattern has to be ordered.

Finished project (dolls, crafts etc)
+ Licensee/user may make and sell finished products made from saplanet originals™ patterns;
+ This is subject to individual Licenseee/user only;
+ Licensee/user is not allowed to #mass produce products made from our patterns for retail purposes;
+ Licensee/user is required to state clearly on/in the product/listing, the design credit ‘dolls/crafts made from saplanet originals™ patterns’.


We appreciate constructive feedback to better our services and products. Please feel free to send in feedback to info [at] simpleartsplanet [dot] com.

[Shop Policy Changes]
Terms stated in the shop policy are subject to change without prior notice; however, major policy change is usually communicated through our official craft blog.

Simple Arts Planet is not responsible for the accuracy, truth or reliability of any product, information, opinions, representations, warranties, advice or other material provided in our external links.

[Buyers' Declaration]
By registering with Simple Arts Planet, you acknowledged and declared that you are above age of 13.

[Governing Law]
Simple Arts Planet is a registered business in Singapore, and this agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore. Any legal action arising out of this Agreement shall be litigated and enforced under the laws of the Republic of Singapore. In addition, you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore, and that any legal action pursued by you shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Singapore.

[Acknowledgement of Terms]
By using, browsing, buying from our websites (including other venues), you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above stated terms and agree to the terms stated here.


+ saplanet originals™ is the official brand name of Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET)

+ We/ I/ Us/ Seller/ SAPlanet/saplanet originals™ refers to Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET)
+ You/ Your/ Buyers/ Licensee refer to users and visitors browsing, using and shopping with Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET) website
+ Email address [at] refers to @
+ Email address [dot] refers to .
(Using the format i.e. sales [at] simpleartsplanet [dot] com is to avoid automated spam bot, when sending email to us, please replace [at] with @; [dot] with . and omit all spaces in between)
+ eBook/eTutorial/ePattern refers to the electronic version of instruction guide
# Mass produce refers to engaging other crafters other than the pattern licensee/user, to make dolls/crafts from our patterns in high volume.



More information available here:
+ shipping and returns
+ privacy policy



Updated: Jul 2018



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